Thursday, February 21, 2013


             You know you need to focus when you are writing another post about focusing!!

             I think it is impossible to multi-task effectively.  I think too many people spend their time juggling more than one activity and take pride in doing so.  That being said, as a full-time working mother of two toddlers, I know that multi-tasking is essential to survival.  So how the heck am I supposed to stay focused?
            I can focus for larger amounts of time at work.  I have no choice.  There are blocks of time when I have 20 students staring at me, just waiting to learn something fabulous.  I have to be focused or else their attention is lost.  So, I make a valiant effort, gather materials ahead of time and assume the position of “she who has the knowledge.”  Then, without warning, something I am talking about, or a comment made by a student will send me off on a roller coaster of a tangent.  After a few minutes, I realize what I have done.  I see a few of them have turned their attention to the pencils and erasers on their desks – not a good sign.  So, I quickly come up with a bridge of information to carry them back on track.  Sometimes it works and sometimes I just say, “Well, that was way off topic!”  See, it’s always good to admit you’ve lost your focus before you try to get it back.
            As you already know I drag myself out of bed and pay homage to my Keurig while it’s still dark to be able to get some quiet time to focus on my writing.  I have decided to begin my morning with meditation because I was found myself leaving the house feeling way too rushed and hectic (as you will read about shortly!)  Problem is, I can’t focus long enough to meditate in quiet.  OK, no big deal.  I can put on some of my favorite music by Krishna Das and settle into a chanting meditative state.  I have a goal of ten minutes.  I usually make it about two before I check the time.  Back to focusing.  Then the thoughts creep in.  In meditation you are supposed to “label and let go.”  I tend to grumble, kick them out of my brain and restate my objective, “Focus!”
            Another little note about my writing…I have a little person who somehow knows it’s a morning that I slept in a little and am crunched for writing time.  Hence, while I am writing this, Andrew is singing various themes songs, making weird noises and asking questions.  I am trying to stay focused because my goal was to blog today.
            Mornings are not may favorite.  Even when it was only the dog and I, I couldn’t get out of the house on time.  Now, I have the pleasure of getting myself and the boys ready.  Can I stay focused on one thing at a time? Nope.  I have told myself for the past few years to get things ready the night before, that way when I am trying to fix my hair and face and one is requesting snack and the other is yelling because the TV show has ended, I won’t feel frustrated.  No luck.  Then I thought, I’ll stop what I am doing and get ready from 6 to 6:30, when they are both (usually) asleep.  However, when I am writing, and the thoughts are flowing, it’s really hard to stop.  Or, after a night of be woken up by “he who yells out in his sleep,” I sleep in 30 minutes so I’m already starting later than usual.
            I really want to focus more, I do.  I will continue to try.  I am hoping to  feel calmer and less frustrated.  Until then, I join the multitude of multi-taskers and get along the best I can!
P.S.  Is any part of this blog seem unfocused – don’t be surprised!