Friday, March 15, 2013

Where is Spring?

          Spring’s arrival is taking forever!
          I sat down last Wednesday morning and wrote this:
          It’s coming! It’s coming! And I couldn't be happier! After yesterday afternoon’s run (wearing light layers) I hopped into the car and read 47 on the thermometer.  Forty-seven can be rounded to fifty! Sweet! 
          When the boys and I arrived home at 5:15, it was still light and would stay so for another 30 minutes.  Walking into the backyard there were more signs.  The ground beneath my feet had a spongy, springy feel.  Tiny curls of new grass were emerging between the snow trampled brown blades.  The massive piles of snow were decreasing by the day.  A blue bird couple has been visiting one of our bird houses.
          This morning at 5:45, the sky is steel blue instead of inky black.  The thermometer reads 36 instead of 26 or 16.  The birds arrive at the feeder earlier for breakfast.
*                 *                 *                 *
          I had not paid much attention to the weather forecast and was in quite a perky mood.  Imagine my surprise when I walked downstairs Friday morning to find six inches of snow covering my spongy grass and a phone message canceling school!
          I’m not sure if Mother Nature had a really mean teacher she is seeking revenge upon, (our last day is now June 25th), or if she enjoys toying with New Englanders.  I jokingly will tell people not from the area, “If you don’t like the weather wait a day.”  Yesterday, it was more like wait an hour. The day went from snow, to partly cloudy, to a whirling dose of flurries back to partly cloudy!  All before noon!
          I am, however, enjoying the later sunsets in the evening.  The boys can now run laps around the house and hike through the woods, which keeps them from sprinting through the house – well, sort of. 
          The return of darkness in the morning has resulted in Andrew sleeping later, so I get some extra quiet time in the morning.  And even though the outside thermometer reads 27, I can start my day in front of a cozy fire.
          I can’t control the weather I can only make the best of what the day brings.  It is supposed to be 41 today and I plan to run after school.  I’ll pack an extra layer and something to cover my ears.  One day, spring will be here for real.  But, until then, I won’t put away the snow boots quite yet!