Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Patience and Potty Training

Patience and Potty Training
  I am not a patient person. Never was and will never be.  So imagine how useful this was when I took on potty training this week.  I thought I was prepared since I had the following supplies:

*  Two potty chairs – one musical
*  Underwear decorated with favorite characters
*  Potty Bear video
*  Stickers for trying
*  M & Ms to reinforce dryness
*  Large stash of presents – for successes
*  A plethora of knowledge from friends

        I repeat, I thought I was prepared.  Nothing could have prepared me for Andrew’s reaction to the process.  First, was his very real but unexplainable fear of the potty chair.  OK, we’ll decorate it!  (An idea from Jim).  Second, was his incredible ability to hold it!  Next, was the amount of trips to the bathroom and time spent reading, giving encouraging words and hugs it would take.  And last was the crying – from both of us.  He was so full of emotion to be successful and not disappoint.  And I felt like I was putting him through something tortuous.   He would look at me with tears in his eyes and say, “I can’t do it!”  Ugh!  Heartbreak!
        But we pressed on!  There were Cheerios and outside demonstrations!  We danced and we sang!    Jim sang, “La di da di, we like to potty” and “I just called... to say... let’s go potty!”  I did my interpretation of the potty dance and chanted ridiculous cheers.  I’m sure Andrew thought we were nuts!
                I wondered how many other new things we would find ourselves faced with and how we would all react.   In the end, patience paid off.  (Okay, maybe it was the stash of trains.) It was a proud moment for us both when Andrew declared, “I’m a big boy now!” 
        The week was a good lesson for me as a parent.  There is going to be a lot of new challenges for the boys and me.  Looks like I will be shopping at the patience shop more frequently!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Warning… This Isn’t Going to be Pretty

Warning… This Isn’t Going to be Pretty

          When I first planned the entry to mark my 40th birthday, this was my original title.  I was well prepared to lament how physically I was feeling my age and the ever-entertaining ways my body was changing.  (One has to laugh about it, right?) 
          However, I have just spent three of the most relaxing day with the boys and family. I did not have the “back-to-work Monday” looming at the end of the weekend.  So, on the drive home, sitting in the back seat between the two of them, I knew I needed to take a more positive approach.
          When I turned 30, I sat one night with my journal.   I was on my porch, wine glass in hand, chimenea aglow and dog at my feet.  I was thinking about the summer – and the three weddings I would be attending – alone.  I was thinking about the two weddings I had attended the year before – alone.  I was thinking alone was not a very happy place to be.  I penned quite a pity party that night.
          It was time for a change.  I decided to relocate – sell my house and leave all the local comforts I had come to depend upon.  I was going to go live by the beach and start over!  Lucky for me, the universe works in wonderful ways.  I was hired in Waterford – which was somewhat familiar territory (my aunt and cousin live there).  The only apartment available that backed up to the woods was across from a handsome, single engineer – (now that’s a story for another blog!)
          In the past ten years I have married and incredible man, owned two homes, and been blessed with two beautiful boys.  I’ve gotten my 200 hour yoga certification, took a course in writing children’s literature and taught two new grades.  I’ve started a young adult novel, dabbled in picture book writing, and continued to add to my collections of poems.  Most recently, I have started this blog.  So, to steal a post from another person turning 40 this year…I will be turning 30 plus 10 year’s experience!
          Sure, I’m not as fast as I used to be, my face has its share of experience lines and it takes more effort to lift and separate!  But as I sit here at 6 a.m., under my fleece blanket, coffee mug in hand, listening to the birds sing their wake up song, I am definitely in a very happy place.