Thursday, October 17, 2013

Laughing at Myself
     Tell me I’m not the only one!  I do some pretty silly stuff but rather than learn from it and move on, I keep doing it.  Most likely, it’s because these things are not harmful to anyone or me.  A few of them make other people a wee bit crazy though – maybe that’s why I continue!  ;)  Read on and see for yourself.  Hope I bring a smile (or two) to your face. :D

·          Wait until I hear the low fuel light “ding” until I consider getting gas
(It’s a first warning.  I know I have time.  And isn’t that what the “E” is for?) 

·         Forget when to cook shrimp with the shell on and when to take it off
(Is it really that important?  Doesn’t the shell hold in the moisture?)

·         Stay up too late reading.
(This can’t be so bad. I’m reading! And the more you read the smarter you get!)

·         Hit the snooze bar.  Once, twice, sometimes three times.
(I hate that annoying beep, but I love another 7 minutes of sleep!)

·         Get twisted up when putting on a front-close bra.
(Some days I don’t realize I did it for a few hours!)

·         Wake up two hours before I need to leave the house only to make the last ten minutes a mad dash in order not to be late.
(I did this even before I had the boys!)

·         Mix up baking soda and baking powder
(Why are so many baking ingredients white?)

·          Put ketchup on my macaroni and cheese – even the fancy lobster kind
(Of course my favorite is my mom’s!)

·         Mix up left and right and east and west when giving directions to others
(Be very glad GPS was invented if I have given you directions!)

·         Can’t do math in my head
(Especially subtraction with regrouping and don’t dare ask me about percent!)

     All of these things make me laugh.  All of these things make me – ME!  I hope you are able to take time each day and smile and laugh – especially at yourself!