Thursday, October 11, 2012

autumn beauty trees leaves picture and wallpaper
          Summer is my favorite season, but lately, fall has been making a pretty strong case. 
          In fall, the humidity disappears. (Need I say more?)  You can be outside without the worry you will sweat by merely standing there or be attacked by a swarm of hungry mosquitoes.  When you style your hair and go outside, it stays styled.  It doesn't morph into a cotton candy-like mound on top of your head.
          Exercising outdoors is more pleasant as well.  You welcome to opportunity to warm up against the chill of the air.  Sweat is something you earn, not something that happens while you just stand there.
          Living behind an orchard makes easy access to all things apple.  We can easily spend an hour combing the rows in search of just ripe fruit.  Add the bonus of a hayride to get to the furthest point of the orchard and it’s a winning activity for the boys.     
          And of course there is the scenery.  In the beginning of the season you can tell where the sun first hits a treat by the bright spots of yellow or red against the field of green.  Every fall I choose a tree and follow its progression of color change.  Walking along trails as leaves cascade to the ground is beyond relaxing.
True, summer brings a long vacation and trips to the beach, but I think I am becoming a fall fan.  Goodbye ice cream truck and frozen margaritas.  Hello apple crisp and Octoberfest beers!

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