Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanks and Giving

          First, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and were able to spend time with family and friends.  I had the wonderful opportunity to take a moment and reflect on all I am thankful for throughout this month.  It was a chance to stop the whirlwind of my day and bring a smile to my face and heart.  Too often we go through our days focusing on the negative moments. Did you know it takes more facial muscles to frown than smile?  And I don’t know anyone who enjoys the crinkles caused by frowning!  So, I am going to continue this practice.  More importantly, I am going to share my thankfulness with those who are the direct result of my happiness.
Now that the holiday season is upon us, it is time to think about spreading joy to those we care about.  It also is a time to think about those who are not as blessed as we are.  Therefore, I am using this blog post as my Public Service Announcement.
For the past few years, the students in my class have donated to Project Linus  This is a non-profit organization started in 1998.  Handmade blankets are made by “blanketeers” and distributed locally to children in hospitals, shelters, social service agencies, or anywhere that a child might be in need of a big hug.  In order to make this a true, service learning project, our class discussed ways we could raise money to help pay for materials.  It was decided they would make a one week chore chart to help out at home.  Each chore has a designated amount.  The goal is to raise 5 dollars in one week.  The students know, they must do chores to earn the money. 
This year, I will be telling the class about two other worthy causes we could donate to.  A Connecticut author friend of mine, Lynda Mullaly Hunt ( has organized an initiative to bring books to children in foster care.  It’s called the Book Train:  Lynda has written a lovely middle grade book about a young girl’s experience in a foster family entitled One for the Murphy’s.
Another organization I read about is the Santa Anonymous Winter Boot Project sponsored by the Thames Valley Council for Community Action’s Retired and Senior Volunteer Program:
My Christmas wish this year is that everyone will take a little time to donate/support a group or organization that is less fortunate.  It will make you feel fantastic!  I promise!
I hope you all have a fabulous holiday season!    

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